Selffeetphotos between the year 2000 and 2015 Eva Horstick-Schmitt Dauerprojekt

Eva Horstick-Schmitt limited editions fussfotoskunstevahorstick-schmitt 031fussfotoskunstEvaHorstick-Schmitt 060fussfotoskunstEva Horstick-Schmitt 020fussfotoskunst eva horstick-schmitt026fussfotoskunst Eva horstick-Schmitt010
the selffeetcollection 2000-2015
eva Horstick-Schmitt
here you can see only some cutouts
of the artist work with her feet around the world she walks/
limited editions by 6 each Photograph
Das erste Mal präsentierte ich das Projekt in der FH Dortmund bei Professor M. im Jahr 2001
new images not in this page. By request.