Chess on location (December 1999 - Summer 2003)
Die Welt _ ein Spielplatz

copyrights Eva Horstick-Schmitt
chess serie eva Horstick-Schmitt co 4
Denmark. More Images by request
chess serie eva horstick-schmitt co.
Central cemetery Vienna.
chess serie eva horstick-schmitt co
Central cemetery Vienna. former work 1999-2003

Photos © Eva Horstick-Schmitt
more photos by request please

chess serie eva horstick-schmitt
Waldhaus Sils Maria 2003 Swizerland

Selective exhibitions:
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FotoEvaHorstick-Schmitt_Chess serie30380012Malta2000EvaHorstick-Schmitt  chess on Malta co
Kosovo 2002 Chess on Location

Malta 2000 Chess on Location Salinen

It was a lot of work to carry all the years one of my chess games into annother world.

But some artworks are in private collections and also in the collection
of GEA AG Bochum and Exper Consult Dortmund.
Exhibited in Opera House Dortmund international Chess Event
with e.g.Peter Leko ( world youngest grandmaster 1994 ) Vishi Anand ( Worldchampion 2007-2013), Wladimir Kramnik( Worldchampion 2000-2007), Wesselin Topalow. ( winner 2005 Chess Oscar )
I portrait all of them analog with my leica camera. Images by request.

Photos with the chess bords in England, Denmark, Spain, Kosovo, Malta, Germany, Swizerland, Prague, Austria