„Un-retouched - families in the area“ (Unretuschiert - Familien im Revier) - I started this project in 1999. The Ruhr region as a melting pot of nations from around the world. The idea was to present a cross-section of families and to document the question of origin and identity. Parts of this project were exhibited at the Contemporary Art Fair Ruhr, the Museum of Arts and Culture in Dortmund and other places. The project received a wide international media coverage, e.g. West-Art WDR, the journal MENSCH, Ruhrnachrichten, WAZ Dortmund and as well as a leading art magazine from Paris.
Eva Horstick-Schmitt

evaHorstick-Schmitt 2009 Familien im Revier Serie

Foto Familien im Revier © Eva Horstick-Schmitt 2009

„The series launched in 1999, provides an insight into the living rooms of people from different backgrounds, education and outlook on life. The pivotal point is the native bed, on which the families settle for the shots. Time loosely - joyful, stiff, by inviting to distance themselves commanding make the family panoramas. In a subtle way, Eva Horstick- Schmitt recognized the "parlor" times as a window into the private. The quiet, statuary acting live recordings from the force of the personalities represent the very undisguised and "uncensored " turn to the viewer. There are close-ups, which correspond to the openness of the Ruhr region and its people.“

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evaHorstick-Schmitt Familien im Ruhrpott © Serie

Photos 1999-2014 © Eva Horstick-Schmitt
cutout from 40 families