2000 - 2004 Phoenix Dortmund
1997 - 1999 Kokerei Hansa
Wenn man einige Zeiten im Ruhrpott lebt, kommt man um diese Industriekultur nicht herum.
Es gibt derartig viel zu entdecken und meine Entdeckungstouren führten oft über Zäune und verbotene Wege.

Millenium Art Projects with Bodypaintings
Phoenix Dortmund Industriel Area
„Reflection of Memories“ 1997-2004 Ruhr area

DSCFoto Eva Maria Horstick _0103
Foto Eva Maria Horstick Ruhrgebiet

Since 1999, I have always created photo series on the grounds of Hoesch. They were issued in part by the Hoesch Museum in Dortmund 2010 with the title: „Aschenpüttel - 5 min for a girl from tomorrow and daughters of the area"! The full exhibition was called "Missing Steel“.

„Eva Horstick-Schmitt body painted sometimes barely clothed models gracefully and installed them on the former hall facilities and made them the subject of sexy steel, about an ice-cold Coke to drink, if the dust and dirt showered off after a long day. There are five minutes for a girl of tomorrow. Eva Horstick-Schmitt’s elaborate photographs make up the core of the exhibition. They provide a synergy of steel and erotic, which so far unrevealed in German Art. But not only that. They also express incongruity and melancholy, such as when two young ladies - bare bottoms, painted body - are walking with Golf irons over the Phoenix area, past a graffiti wall.“

Geowis Magazine Dortmund

phoenix Fragen nach dem WEG Eva horstick-schmitt

Phoenix2000EvaHorstick-Schmitt Foto und Bodypainting smal


Bodypainting and Photography © Eva Horstick-Schmitt Dortmund Hoesch